Results After 1 Year Pull Free

Updated: December 31st 2016

At one of my viewer’s requests, I’ve decided to post an early blog to show my progress – after 10 years worth of damage – of being pull free for 1 year. As you’ll see below, the pictures on the left were taken November, 2015. The pictures on the right – with my eyes open – were taken today (December 2016). With that said, here’s the grand reveal:

Note: There’s a slight shadow cast on the top left picture, making it look like I had more hair than I actually did. To be clear, that eyebrow had little to no hair with random, uneven patches on the outer part of my brow and a few sparse hairs on the inner most part. No makeup was applied to my eyebrows at any point in these pictures.


Still more improvement to be made, but I’m thrilled to share these results with everyone as I purposely avoided making side-by-side comparisons for this long. I’m a little disappointed in the resolution above; before uploading the image here, you could see my brows in better detail. In fact, in the lighter/bare areas, you could see little dark hairs coming in! Nonetheless, I think they’ve still served their purpose. I’ve never lost my confidence throughout this process, but seeing these images together gave me some extra motivation today, and for that I thank the viewer who asked to see this.

By level of effectiveness, the following are the pros and cons of products I use(d):

  • CompleteLash
    • Pros: Helps stimulate growth in damaged hair follicles, repairs hair retention, and helps rejuvenate the texture of what your hair was before. To this day, I apply CompleteLash every night before bed, which is a very seamless process. It doesn’t contain allergens or leave any residue. This product can be used on both your eyebrows and eyelashes. Significant results appear within 3-4 weeks.
    • Cons: Expensive (but worth every penny).
  • Castor Oil
    • Pros:  Helps hair regain some of its color, softens the “spiky” hair that grows in, and stimulates growth. I used Castor Oil for 1-2 weeks before purchasing CompleteLash and I saw improvements in that short amount of time. Apply for 30 minutes during the day or before bedtime.
    • Cons: Significant results are slower, ranging between 4-6 weeks. Application is a little more tedious: you must massage the oil into your hair for 2-3 minutes after applying it.
  • RapidBrow
    • Pros: Thickens sparse, uneven hairs, nourishes your hair, and contains polypeptides, biotin, and other extracts that help stimulate hair growth. Like CompleteLash, application is easy: apply a few strokes a day until you achieve your desired results. It’s more expensive than Castor Oil but much less expensive than CompleteLash.
    • Cons: I only tried RapidBrow for about a week until deciding to stick with one serum at a time, therefore I don’t have personal negative feedback. However, some customers claim that they’ve seen their hair “go back to how it was before” if they stopped using the product.

Here’s some advice I’d like to share with those who are interested in or are trying to grow their hair back:

  • Be patient. Save the unnecessary stress and allow yourself to enjoy your results as time passes instead of criticizing how imperfect they still are. This’ll not only bring you down but trigger you to pull what progress you’ve made. Don’t obsess about changes daily.  Take month by month comparisons instead.
  • Some hairs will fall out, AND THAT IS OKAY. Your hair will still be flimsy for a while and your follicles are still regaining their retention. Don’t panic if you brush your hair or comb your brows and some hairs loosen. I still apply an eyebrow pencil on the inner most part of my brows and occasionally a couple hairs take off. THEY WILL GROW BACK. The more you apply product or take supplements, the less likely this’ll occur.
  • The sparse, spiky hairs will NOT stay sparse and spiky. We all know how tempting those are to pull. It’s fighting tooth and nail not to do it, especially when that throbbing feeling is there. Muster up your strength and give yourself 2-3 weeks max, because that spiky nuisance of a hair will no longer be as such, and you’ll be thrilled that it’s settling back to where it’s supposed to be.
  • If you touch, touch for a different reason. Again, takes a lot of personal strength, but you can do it. Normally we touch to find which hair’s best to pull, but I found myself touching my eyebrows so often because I was happy hair was there, even if it did feel tempting. Find the silver lining and stick with it. A change in perspective goes a long way.

What are your experiences with regrowing your hair? Have you used any of the products listed above, or were there other solutions that were successful for you? Share your stories below or leave any questions you may have. Until next time!


5 thoughts on “Results After 1 Year Pull Free

    1. Hi Gabriela! Could you provide more detail about your experience with hip seed oil? I’d like to add it to the blog under “Hair Restoration”. I’ve never heard of it before, so your input would work wonders! 😊


      1. Hi Lauren! “Rosa Mosqueta” oil (rose hip seed oil, in English) grows wild in Argentina (where I’m from) and it has healing properties, plus makes your hair shine. I use it for sun burn, it helps diminish old scars, and you use it in the same way as castor or almond oil. I know you can find it in the US cause I lived there , maybe at whole foods or shops alike. For me, it has a double effect when rubbing my scalp with it: healing and getting my “rub” fix. I know your can find it in many skin care products, but I only use the pure oil. Since I live in Argentina, it’s easy to find here. It helped me grow all my eyelashes, and it can also be used as make up remover, even waterproof one! This is the ONLY product I use, so I can swear it works!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s AMAZING! Time is always on your side, remember that. What has helped you remain pull-free the past 4 months? It’s so great to hear unique stories from fellow Trichsters. Keep up the awesome work!


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