UPDATE: New Hair Restoration Product

Hi everyone! Just wanted to announce that I’ve included a new product under Hair Restoration > Topical Products on my blog, Rosehip Seed Oil. You can find more information about Rosehip seed oil under scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

A special thank you all the way to Argentina to Gabriela Guarnerio. Gabriela recommended Rosehip seed oil and provided some very helpful feedback:

Hi Lauren! ‘Rosa Mosqueta’ (Rosehip seel oil, in English) grows wild in Argentina (where I’m from) and has healing properties, plus makes your hair shine. I use it for sunburn, it helps diminish old scars, and you can use it the same way as you would castor or almond oil. I know you can find it in the US because I lived there, maybe a Whole Foods or shops alike. For me, it has a double effect when rubbing my scalp with it: healing and getting my “rub” fix. I know you can find it in many skin care products, but I only use the pure oil. It helped me grow all my eyelashes, and it can also be used as make-up remover, even for waterproof make-up. This is the ONLY product I use, so I swear it works!

Once again, thank you SO much Gabriela for recommending Rosehip seed oil and sharing your experience! I’ve just purchased my own bottle online and can’t wait to try it for myself.

Have any product recommendations that work for you? Share below. Until next time!


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