Who I Am

My name is Lauren and I’ve been suffering from Trichotillomania for almost 10 years, my eyebrows taking the brunt of my problem. Most people would imagine those plagued with Trich as individuals with an unstable upbringing or who’ve lived a life riddled with trauma and anxiety. For me, quite the contrary. I had a normal childhood. I excelled both athletically and academically. I developed unshakable bonds with life long friends. I graduated from a well-known university and currently have a successful career in business. This isn’t meant to “toot my own horn”, but to show that this disorder affects those from all walks of life.

My goal is to inform, to guide, and to give other “Trichsters” available resources they’re looking for. I never thought it was possible, but through trial and error, determination and persistence, I’ve managed to stay pull free for over a year. My recovery is ongoing as I’ll live with this condition for the rest of my life, but if I can help others feel comfortable in their own skin and encourage them to take control, I’ll feel like true change is finally taking place.


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