Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that partially or fully camouflages missing eyebrow hair. Microblading is a semi-permanent option that delivers very natural results that one might not find in brow pencils, gels, or permanent tattoos. As written by InStyle, microblading is the perfect option for those who want to reconstruct, cover gaps, or fill-in overplucked eyebrows. This technique has become increasingly popular for those with Trichotillomania who pull their eyebrows and need a simple solution to fill their bare spot(s).

What you should know about microblading:

  • Time is important. The art of microblading is tedious; it’s not a rushed procedure. You must allow yourself at least 2 hours for an appointment as your technician will be very detailed oriented in making your eyebrows look all natural.
  • It’s not permanent. Some people panic when the slight swelling goes down and see some of the “hairs” fading. No need to worry! That’s normal. Once you get your free touch up 4-6 weeks later, your eyebrows won’t fade, not at least for another year. Microblading is said to last up to 3 years, however yearly touch ups won’t hurt.
  • It shouldn’t be painful. That really depends on one’s pain threshold, but most clients who’ve undergone microblading have said that, at most, they’ve experience some level of discomfort. The technician applies numbing ointment to your brows before starting, and some have reported not feeling any pain whatsoever.
  • It’s costly. From what I’ve read and heard, microblading can cost a minimum of $300. Many find it a worthwhile investment, and those who’ve made this choice are more than happy with the results.

Here’s a 3 minute video that shows you just how the microblading process works: