Micropigmentation is a form of permanent makeup done with a digital machine. Unlike microblading, the color used to fill in your bald spots is implanted much deeper in your skin, requiring less touch ups as time passes.

Some things to know about micropigmentation:

  • Micropigmentation works for both scalp and eyebrows. That’s right! If you have bald patches on your scalp, scalp micropigmentation can be used to fill in your bare areas.
  • It takes more time to heal. After care ointment must be applied for approximately 1 week after your appointment.
  • It lasts longer. Touch-ups are needed a minimum of 3-5 years after the procedure.
  • It’s more expensive than microblading. From personal research, the average cost of micropigmentation is between $300 – $1,500. This depends on the amount of surface area that needs covered, so scalp micropigmentation can be pretty costly (up to $4,500). If there’s only a handful of small areas, you can easily spend $100.

Although lengthy, you can check out the micropigmentation process by watching the video below: