Stories & Documentaries

There are so many remarkable stories and documentaries about Trichotillomania online that you can access right at your fingertips. Here is a list of some of my personal favorites.


  1. Meet Rebecca. (YouTube: Beckie0) Beckie is a British vlogger who’s famous for making a public “journal” about her issues with Trich. Through her descriptive struggles, display of powerful emotions, and fearlessness of showing viewers the true side of Trich, Rebecca has become the most relatable figure within the Trich community and even an icon among those who feel they’re alone.
  2. Meet Laura. (YouTube: SoYeahImLaura) Laura eloquently describes Trichotillomania and shares the honest truth behind her thoughts, feelings and experiences with the disorder. After years of countless doctors appointments, dabbling with different medications, and trying various methods to avoid her hair pulling, Laura has courageously come forward to the public and accepts herself for who she is, which is nothing less than beautiful.
  3. Meet Courtney. (YouTube: courtneypants) Courtney made a serious yet comedic video about her problems with Trichotillomania. You can also find a follow up video on Courtney’s page about Trich during Trichotillomania awareness week.
  4. Meet Jezebel. (YouTube: Jezebel Banks) Although it seems her account has been inactive for a couple years, Jezebel has uploaded various videos that cover Trich and individual stories.


  1. Jenna and Mandy. 20/20 did a short excerpt on a beauty queen and celebrity hair stylist who came forward 3 years ago about their struggles with Trichotillomania. This goes to show that Trich doesn’t only affect the “average Joe”.
  2. Girls on the Pull. Girls on the Pull follows 3 young girls from the UK and their efforts to overcome Trich.
  3. Trichster. Trichster follows the lives of seven different Trichsters and gives viewers a revealing glimpse into the lives of those who struggled with Trich and other BFRBs.

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