Disclaimer: The following options are derived from research and personal experience. Please note that these are topical products; DO NOT attempt to ingest these as some may be toxic if consumed. Avoid eye contact.
This page will be updated regularly if other viable options are discovered.

hairessentials oil

Hair Essentials Nourishing Oil – Hair Essentials Nourishing Oil contains coconut oil and pure essential oils that rejuvenates, repairs, and revitalizes hair follicles, moisturizes and strengthens the hair shaft, and improves the overall health of your scalp.

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Viviscal Gentle Shampoo – Viviscal Gentle Shampoo contains 99% natural sources that exfoliate dead skin cells on your scalp, create a healthy environment for hair growth, and cleans and conditions your hair and scalp.

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RapidHair – RapidHair contains polypeptides, biotin, panthenol, silk amino acids, sweet almond extract and niacinamide that help revive damaged hair.

Directions: Use after shampooing and conditioning or apply directly to scalp, preferably at bedtime. Dispense 2 pumps into hand and diligently massage into scalp. Wash your hands immediately after use.

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Rosehip Seed Oil – Recommended by viewer Gabriela Guarnerio (thank you, Gabriela!). Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and essential vitamins, such as Vitamin A and C, Rosehip seed oil has healing properties beneficial to reviving and rejuvenating your hair and skin. It can be used the same way as castor or coconut oil. Rosehip seed oil is found in many skin care products but can also be purchased as a pure oil.

Directions: Apply this essential oil to your scalp every day. Keep in for 45-60 minutes and rinse. Repeat until you achieve desired results.

Rosehip grows wild in South American – predominantly in Chile and Argentina – but can be purchased online or at your local health store.

Lavender – Lavender is well known for its soothing qualities for treating restlessness, depression, and nervousness as well as hair growth – a great dual purpose for those with Trichotillomania. It has been found to promote healthy hair growth and retention.

Directions: Apply this essential oil to your scalp 3 times a week until you receive desired results.

You can find this essential oil at your local health store. Be sure to dilute lavender oil if you have sensitive skin. You can also purchase shampoos that contain lavender and other essential oils:

Atlantic Cedar – Atlantic Cedar is a tree that produces oil that has been found to stimulate hair growth.

Directions: Apply 2-4 drops on desired area at night and massage into scalp for 2 minutes. Place a warm towel around your head to increase absorption. Repeat until you see desired results.

Find Atlantic Cedar (Cedarwood) oils in your local health store or purchase them online: